FASHION LINE provide a range of business and logistics solutions for fashion businesses, both retail and online.

OUR MAIN focus is warehousing, distribution and logistics. No matter the quantity or needs of your fashion garments or accessories, if you need a place to store them and a means of distributing them, we can do it! We place strong importance on the presentation and packaging of your garments and always use a traditional hand touch to ensure only the highest levels of quality are maintained.



FASHION LINE offer a full range of picking, packing and consolidating of any kind of garment or accessory. We are able to receive garments of any size, in any packaged condition, flat packed or hanging – it doesn’t matter! We can even re-package and re-label any of your garments or accessories.




WE SPECIALISE in providing custom solutions to Online Fashion Businesses. As a business model online fashion represents a huge opportunity for many retailers and as such we understand the special needs of online fashion and have the knowledge, experience and technology to help our clients save time and money.



WE USE the latest cutting edge technology to ensure maximum efficiency in the picking, packing and distribution of your garments. Our WMS (Apparel 21) is fully automated, thus eliminating all packing and dispatch errors. Click here for more information on our staging, picking and packing process.



THE GERMAN Veit Steam Tunnel Finisher is an added extra for clients who need that special touch. The on-site steam tunnel caters a number of fabrics to eliminate the need for hand pressing by refreshing the garments through the unique steam tunnel process.  Our Pavel bagging machine is also available for your convenience



FASHION LINE also provide a full array of marketing support services for fashion businesses both online and retail. From web design and development to Search Engine Optimisation and Email Marketing, we can handle all your marketing needs and provide your business with the tools, resources and strategies for maximum growth.